Richadine (Richey) Rice Gore                                            A Beautiful Spirit

Evelyn & Company was co-founded with Richadine Rice-Gore. Working for various Civil Rights programs throughout the 60’s and 70’s in Indiana, Richey made her impact of influencing financial and community change for everyday people. She fought for good housing for women and children; and worked diligently to bring forth consumer fairness and awareness for women and the Black community. Her fight for civil rights continued in California as an Employment Specialist with Evelyn & Company. She worked hard and challenged the construction industry to give qualified women and people of color employment opportunities in the construction industry throughout the state of California’s Apprenticeship Programs.  She believed in livable wages for all, in order for equity to be achieved. Her legacy remains impactful with many individuals, families, organizations and communities throughout the nation. Richey is Kiwan Renee Gore’s, mother.

Evelyn & Company- Employment Specialist

Richey Rice Gore is recognized for her efforts to increase employment and training opportunities for women and minorities in construction careers and technical employment. With over 30 years, Richey has a broad range of skills that has been developed through her extensive training, her labor studies education, and her management and business experience.


Who's Evelyn?

Evelyn & Company is named after Evelyn Buckner-Rice (Richadine’s mother). Evelyn was the eldest child, only girl, and the daughter of Robert Garfield Buckner, Sr, a tailor and owner of Buckner Cleaners in early 20th century. She was a seamstress in her father’s cleaners, and raised her family with Carl Lavern Rice. Evelyn passed in 1948, leaving 7 unique children. Along with Carl, it was Evelyn’s family; her 3 younger brothers and their wives who continued to nurture, raise, influence, and love Evelyn’s children into success. One very special child of Evelyn’s, the middle one ,was my mother Richadine; who, on July 4, 2012, reunited with her mother Evelyn, forever again.