Personalized 1:1 Education Assessment

a 30 minute meeting to assess the path forward ...

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Personalized 1:1 Education Plan
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Gives participants a customized education plan that will fit their specific learning objective. The education plan is tailored to the participant’s time, learning capacity, and location arrangement. Each education plan is structured with education modules comprised of specific investment topics. Participants may not initially understand how a specific topic fits into their overall learning objective; however, we will connect the information to give participants a solid foundation education.

Education Plan price rate is $65/meeting session. Each session based on 1.25 hour (75 minutes).

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Copy of Personalized 1:1 Retirement Plan and Review

Looks at the participant’s retirement plan and their life plan. Provides an understanding of their current retirement plan structure; their plan benefits and investment options; and how the plan contributes to meet long term retirement lifestyle income requirements. This is a personalized education session. There will be a nonrefundable fee for the initial review of each retirement plan with assessment provided. Price quotes are based on the intricacies of the retirement plan.

 401k403b IRA/Roth Qualified/Non Qualified Pension Plan

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